Dedicated Staff

It is inevitable; downtime costs money. For over 25 years, Torque Electric Motors has provided top quality repairs to help ensure your production line is up and running. Our experienced technicians provide the best in electric motor repairs, rewinding, vibration analysis, dynamical balancing, and machining.

Servo Motor Repair

Torque Electric Motors has certified technicians that repair various well known brands of servo motors.

We carry a variety of servo motor parts; including connectors, magnets, resolvers, and encoders.

Our qualified team provides quality service to meet customer demands.

Motor Rewind/Repair

From complex rewinds to general overhaul repairs, we have the capability to rewind both AC and DC motors up to 500HP.

What helps us stand out:

- Access to EASA's engineering expertise

- Winding re-design 

- Class "H" insulation and inverter duty wire are used with every rewind.

-24/7 emergency service

Pump Repair

Being in business for multiple decades has allowed us to gain valuable experience repairing all types of pumps. We provide complete in-house solutions for a wide variety of industrial and commercial pumps.

Pump repairing includes, but not limited to:


-Multi stage

-Self priming



-In-line circulating

-Process pump

-Rotary Pump




Gearbox Repair

We overhaul repair ALL different types of gearboxes. We use original bearings and seals. All gearboxes that come into our shop are dismantled, and all parts are inspected to ensure proper actions are taken.

Services that are provided include, but not limited to:

-Original bearings/seals 

-Shaft Chroming

-Gear manufacturing

Food Grade Washdown Treatment

Imagine installing a motor on to your line and 2 weeks later it has failed. Our wash down treatment has been engineered to provide a heavy duty, extremely chemical resistant coating. 

Our treatment bonds to the unit sealing it from water entering and does not peel off and into the production line.

Trust the experts at Torque Electric Motors to help solve your water problem!

For more information regarding our popular wash down treatment please call us at 416-740-2823 


- Food grade

- Caustic soda resistant